What this blog is about?

Why Explore and Experience?

I am naturally curious about many things, and I like to learn about them first hand. It is not just information, but a new skill or a new way of life. It allows me to continuously experience something novel. I also use this as an opportunity to fine tune my life, to examine what I should incorporate into my life long-term, and discard certain old habits. The goal is to become increasingly efficient in my life, and physically/mentally healthier.

The act of acquiring a new skill always pushes me back to the bottom of being a “beginner”. It is a humbling experience, and with an eager-to-learn attitude, it is a very eye-opening opportunity. I go through cycles in which I immerse myself into a new thing, until a point where I’m approved by the community at large to stand on my own. At that point, I either choose to shoot for a high level mastery, or start something new again.

This lifestyle resembles the saying, “Jack of all trades, master of none”, which I don’t consider a negative thing. The exposure allows me to appreciate the many kinds of mastery in various fields, be it a sport, a craft, or a very niche type of research.

In a sense, I try to master the process of learning.

Who am I? 


  • I conduct research in cognitive neuroscience.
  • I’m an Asian American who grew up in Asia, but now I’m back in America-of-America (Texas).
  • I fit into many “Asian stereotype”: glasses, kung fu, science, math, video games, anime…, but I also don’t, in many sense (read on).
  • Growing up, I was coined as the girl who likes “boy things”.  I am aware that it is no longer politically correct to label any hobbies by gender, so I’ll just list my current interests: martial arts, math, pretty graphs, knives, guns, video games, large-face watches, manual cars, motorcycle, and thick leather.
  • One of the more interesting part-time job I had was teaching guitar in a juvenile prison in Hong Kong (SAR).
  • When I’m not doing research, I’m likely training, either in Choy Li FutKrav Maga (I like tradition AND practicality), and more recently, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Fuel by coffee and carbonated water (loooove bubble water).
  • Why penguins? See below for science penguin meme!

Science penguin!


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