Adding more retention to the HSP INCOG holster


The HSP INCOG holster is a very good holster. Out of the five holster I’ve tried to use with my M&P Shield, it is the one I put on my belt the most (with the Phlster Access being a close second). However, one thing that I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the INCOG was the retention. It was a little too loose even when I’ve tightened the retention screw to its max.

I decided to see if I could make some adjustment to get a little bit more retention. Apparently, a very small mod saves the day 🙂

The INCOG has a retention screw for adjustment (screw above the mojo riser; see pic below).


The retention screw is on top of the two screws holding the metal riser.

Looking into the holster at the retention screw, you’ll see a spacer (see pic below).

A spacer at the retention screw.

A spacer at the retention screw.

If you take out the retention screw and take the spacer out, it is basically a piece of rubber tube. The tube gives the springy feel to the retention, but its length also dictates the maximum retention. I have some extra rubber tube lying around, so I simply took a piece and cut it a little shorter than the original (~3mm shorter).


Rubber tube at the retention screw.

After I inserted the shorter tube back into the retention spot and put everything back in place, I can now get the retention to be just a bit tighter than before.

It may be a minor adjustment, but when you are carrying something everyday, minor things can translate to much better quality of carry 😀


One thought on “Adding more retention to the HSP INCOG holster

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