How to sell the things I don’t need anymore?

Determine whether an item should be sold:

My rule is if I haven’t used something for 6 months or more, it should go to someone else that will make good use of it. I am constantly trying new things, and sometimes that means acquiring “stuff”. So getting rid of of “old stuff” has to keep up with my acquisition.

Where to sell all these things?

It always helps to cross-list in multiple places, you just never know where the right audience may be hunting for a good deal. I usually cross-list my items on Auction Sites, Local Classified Websites/AppsForums, and through personal network (if I happen to know someone would be interested). Certain category of items work better on one platform or another. And there are category-specific avenue to sell certain items (e.g., musical instrument, sporting gear).


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[Explore] Goruck Challenge, starting from Light

Last week, a friend and I signed up for a GORUCK Light. A rucking/team-based challenge. Neither of us have ever done it before. Actually, neither of us have ever participated in any similar type of “race” or “event”.

It will be something new, which is in alignment with what I’m trying to do: to explore novel things!

  • In 2014, I tried navigation, got certified for first aid and wilderness first aid, and started doing Krav Maga.
  • In 2015, I began my BJJ journey, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far, and helped me in improving the ground-aspect of Krav Maga.

It is passed mid-year now, so I’m up for something new again 🙂

Although I’m physically pretty fit (not ripped, but I can run a half-marathon and I exercise regularly through different martial arts), rucking seems to utilize a very different set of muscles and skill set. Specifically, load-bearing muscles and endurance. The more I thought about it, I realize this is actually a good chance for me to reach another level of fitness, which will in turn better my martial arts training.

So we signed up, not 1, but for 2 events. Figured we might as well go for it and do one in another city as well.

In the coming months, I will document my training and also see how this type of training helps my more long-term activity (i.e., BJJ, Krav Maga, kung fu, fitness in general).

Female groin cup for combative sports

A lot of female combative sports practitioners opt to go without groin protection due to (1) lack of good product availability, (2) sense of security (don’t have organ hanging between our legs), and (3) maybe they just haven’t gotten seriously attacked around that area…yet. In my quest to find a decent groin protector for myself, I tried four different groin protection, two made for females, two made for males. Two that fits inside a compression short, and two that is self-sustainable (same brand).

Top row left to right: RDX  gel groin cup, Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0. Bottom row left to right: Shock Doctor Pelvic Protector, Lo-Bloo Aero Slim Female.

Top row (made for male)  left to right: RDX gel groin cup, Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0. Bottom row (made for female) left to right: Shock Doctor Pelvic Protector, Lo-Bloo Aero Slim Female.

I think the Lo-Bloo Thai Cup 2.0 is my go-to if I’m sparring, and I am keeping the Lo-Bloo Aero Slim Female for Krav Maga everyday training. Both of them (1) provide good protection, (2) stay in place, and (3) don’t impede my movements. I’ll give an overview for each of these groin protector, and the reason I opt for the Lo-Bloo despite the slightly higher price tag (although if you include the cost of a compression short for the other two, the prices are actually similar). NOTE: The Aero Slim is a very new product (released in the beginning of July 2015), so these are thoughts after my initial testing of it. Therefore, although my initial impression is positive, it hasn’t been tested over a long period of time yet. Continue reading

G-Code INCOG vs. INCOG Eclipse (makeshift version – Super mojo riser on original INCOG)

This is actually a comparison of the original INCOG holster vs. a makeshift version of the INCOG Eclipse (using the Super MOJO riser on the original INCOG holster).

I’d like to still have the choice to add the magazine caddy, so I ended up not purchasing the new INCOG Eclispe holster (cannot attach mag caddy), but instead, I got myself a Super Mojo riser to put on the original INCOG, thereby trying out the clip position of the INCOG Eclipse. It is essentially an Eclipse, plus a little material (next to the front sight).


The Super Mojo riser on the original INCOG holster. Its basically the Eclipse with extra material next to where the front sight would be. 

The main difference between the INCOG and the INCOG Eclipse is the position of the clip.

  • The original INCOG holster was designed to have two clips to the side, even though many people prefer to only use one clip.
  • The INCOG Eclipse holster was designed to use one clip at the center of the holster, along the slide.
(left) Super Mojo riser on original Incog. (right) Original Mojo riser on Incog.

(left) Super Mojo riser on original INCOG. (right) Original Mojo riser on INCOG.

After trying it out, I still prefer the original INCOG, and below I’ll detail why I prefer the original, but other people may prefer the Eclipse due to their position of carry and body type.

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[Review] Orbitkey alternative – Thrux Lawrence Horween Leather Foldover Fob

I have been a fan and a backer of Orbitkey since its Kickstarter campaign in 2013. And while I loved the concept of key-carrier that is not noisy (i.e., leather wrap-around), low profile (i.e., small size compare to traditional leather key pouches), and quick access, it has become apparent to me that the leather used by Orbitkey cannot withstand the wear and tear I put my key-carrier through on a day-to-day basis (with keys being part of my EDC).


Thrux Lawrence Horween Foldover Fob (left) and Orbitkey in tan leather with stitching (right).

Comes the Thrux Lawrence Horween Leather Foldover Fob, a very similar key carrier made with a much more substantial leather (quality of Horween leather is no joke). The pros and cons between the two is that Orbitkey definitely has a more complex design, but there is no way it will beat the Thrux Lawrence in terms of leather quality. Time will tell if the Fob is the answer to my ideal key carrier. (The runner-up candidate is the TPU-version of the Orbitkey, which will negate the issue with their leather quality).

* If I already have all the tools to work with leather, I would’ve probably just made my own following this video tutorial.

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[Early-Review] Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag by Bomber & Company

Out of the half a dozen of projects that I have backed on Kickstarter/Indiegogo (e.g., Orbitkey, MVMT watch), the Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag is probably the one I was most excited about. it is a small/medium size duffel bag that is water-resistant, lightweight, and good looking 😀


Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag

My main purpose for the duffel was travel. I have always been a light traveler, so one medium size laptop backpack is all I need for a week-long trip. However, I got tired of having to empty out my backpack in the hotel room in order to use the backpack throughout the trip (KEY: washing and hanging in the hotel room is critical to keeping my load as light as possible). Also, I can always stuff this into my backpack in case I ended up needing more space on my return-trip (you never know if you see a good deal you can’t pass up while traveling :p).

I set out to look for a light weight duffel that can (1) store all my clothing and leave my backpack more ready-to-go once I get to my destination, and also (2) be used for outdoor activities (e.g., beach, picnic, canoeing), where my I’d rather not use my everyday backpack (usually carrying my laptop).

The Bomber Barrel Duffel Bag fits these two descriptions, so I backed the campaign. The bag arrived last month, and so far, I’m quite happy with it. In addition to the two uses I planned to use it for, it also serves as my light gym bag (when I don’t need all my sparring gears).

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Adding more retention to the HSP INCOG holster


The HSP INCOG holster is a very good holster. Out of the five holster I’ve tried to use with my M&P Shield, it is the one I put on my belt the most (with the Phlster Access being a close second). However, one thing that I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the INCOG was the retention. It was a little too loose even when I’ve tightened the retention screw to its max.

I decided to see if I could make some adjustment to get a little bit more retention. Apparently, a very small mod saves the day 🙂

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[Review] Datsusara Gear Bag Core (GBC-03)

The Datsusara Gear Bag Core (GBC-03) (the updated version of the original Light Gear Bag) is my my gear bag for sparring and Krav Maga. The bag is made of hemp, an antimicrobial fiber from high-growing varieties of the cannabis plant, which makes it ideal for transporting & temporarily storing sport gears that are soaked in sweat.


The Datsusara Gear Bag Core.

Overall, this bag is very sturdy, lots of storage space, has tons of compartments for organization, and won’t stink because of its antimicrobial nature.

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[Review] Thrunite TI3 vs. Foursevens Preon 1 – I’d pick the Ti3

This is a comparison between two 1xAAA  flashlight that is small enough to go in a jean pocket for EDC. I owned both of these flashlights, I got the FOURSEVENS Preon 1 at first and then lost it during a trip. Now I own the Thrunite Ti3, and I’m much happier with the Ti3.

Here are photos of the two flashlight beside the same knife (Spyderco Cat) and ring. The Preon 1 is slightly longer (0.2″).


Thrunite Ti3 (left) and FOURSEVENS Preon 1 (right) besides Spyderco Cat and my ring. Very similar in size.

Forewarning, I’m not a flashlight geek who deals intimately with lumens, candela, flux, throw…I care about ease of operation, construction, and having a solid low and high setting for brightness.

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